Leading Through the Pandemic: Insights from Individuals, Organizations, Governments, and Societies

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Three observations about the pandemic are foundational to the development of our course objectives:
- The pandemic has disrupted the existing social order across various social groups (i.e., individuals, organizations, governments, and societies), causing widespread suffering within each of these social groups.
- While each social group has been negatively impacted by the pandemic, the negative impact has not been uniform across members within each social group (i.e., some members have suffered more than others).
- Within each social group, there are stories of resilience through the pandemic that create potential learning opportunities.

In this course, you will learn about and have an opportunity to reflect on:
1. WHAT the impact of the pandemic has been across the following social groups: individuals, organizations, governments, and societies.
2. WHY some members within each social group have been more negatively impacted than others.
3. HOW some members within each social group have productively adapted to the pandemic